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Hoodia for Weight Control by GlobalLabs

Hoodia for Weight Control Hoodia Goronii is a leafless, spiky succulent. It grows naturally in the Northern Cape, a province of South Africa, where it is registered as a protected species by Nature Conservation. Hoodia is famous for its effects as an appetite suppressant and mood enhancer. Excellent results have been obtained from people using it as part of a weight loss program, leading to many international companies making and selling Hoodia as a "new miracle diet pill". Mass global interest has been shown for Hoodia since an international pharmaceutical giant, reportedly stated to research Hoodia's potential to help people with obesity.

Hoodia is a well known appetite suppressant and mood enhancer. Recent research has shown that the Hoodia species contains a molecule that is similar to glucose, only much stronger. The scientists believe that this molecule in Hoodia "fools" the body into believing that it has just eaten. The result of eating Hoodia is thus a complete lack of appetite. Because of this property, Western countries have claimed that Hoodia is the "new miracle diet ingredient". There is strong evidence to suggest that Hoodia may become a worldwide answer to obesity, as studies confirmed excellent results.

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What will I feel when I take Hoodia?

Hoodia is a wonderful plant to eat. It tastes sweet and bitter. It produces an immediate effect upon eating. Many people experience an "upliftment" in their mood immediately, followed by a complete satiation of the appetite. After eating Hoodia, one simply doesn't feel like eating a thing. You might want to eat because you know it is lunchtime, but there's simply no desire to chew and swallow your food.

Give your customers a unique "one of kind" formula that works, not a "knock-off." Each capsule of our 750 mg formula (600 mg 1:1, 150 mg of 20:1) Excellent packaging with high shelf appeal (great re-orders.) Tremendous margins, P.O.P. materials, and shelf talkers. Research has conclusively determined that that an adult requires 20 - 25 mg of a molecule found in the Hoodia (per serving) for noticeable, beneficial appetite suppression. Global Labs Hoodia contains 36 mg of that "active" per serving - The highest of any Hoodia product on the market. Most Hoodia on the market today contains only a fraction of that amount. Beware of inferior products.

PLEASE NOTE that people do report different reaction times to Hoodia-this appears to be dose specific. Some individuals may need to take more than others in order to experience the effects.