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Hoodia Side Effects and Warnings

For some people, the above strategies outline the only sure way to achieve success while on a diet. Some people should not take Hoodia Gordonii. People with high blood pressure should not use Hoodia Gordonii.

Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use Hoodia Gordonii. A woman needs to have a good appetite; both while carrying a baby and again while nursing that baby. The effect of a suppressed appetite was tested in 1982. This was not a controlled test, but its results seem quite indisputable.

It so happened that the pregnant patient of a UCLA doctor had a ventricular shunt. This is a tube that carries fluid from the brain to another part of the body. In the case of this woman, the fluid went into her peritoneal cavity.

Now the doctors knew that this was a high risk pregnancy, but they did not really know what to expect. They were not ready for the appearance of a severe headache. The growing fetus seemed to have slowed the flow of fluid in the shunt. The obstetrician had the woman placed under hospital care.

For at least 24 hours, the woman, who had no appetite, and who could not hold-down food, was fed by IV. Soon the doctors found a way to restore the flow in the shunt, and the woman's appetite returned. Still the growing fetus went almost 24 hours with only the barest of nutrients.

The effect of that episode could be seen when the baby was born. He was premature and underweight. He was very thin throughout his childhood. Only when in his early teens did that young man start to put on some weight. He began to consume large bowls of cereal.

That short medical history underlines the danger of using Hoodia Gordonii while pregnant. One can see that it would also be foolish for a woman to suppress her appetite while nursing a baby. The baby needs to get plenty of nutrients from the mother's milk.

For those who can use Hoodia Gordonii, certain rules govern the way that the pill is best administered. For example, it is generally better to take Hoodia Gordonii 45 minutes before a meal. It should also be taken with at least 8 ounces of water. The water helps the body to absorb the P57.

The standard dose of Hoodia Gordonii is a dose for an average adult. For that reason, it is not recommended for use by someone under the age of 18. Keep in mind, too, that most users of Hoodia Gordonii tend to be a bit overweight. Therefore, Hoodia Gordonii should not be taken by someone who is already at a below average weight.

More studies of Hoodia Gordonii are necessary. Doctors need to find the answer to certain questions: What happens if a heavy epileptic takes Hoodia Gordonii? Should doctors caution against someone using both allergy medicines and Hoodia Gordonii? Could an elderly patient safely use Hoodia Gordonii?